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We will use angel magick to do a spell to ask for angel blessings on your behalf. This is also a great spell to get for someone you love or someone who is going though some heartache right now.


Some reasons why you might want this spell:


  • You feel you need extra TLC from your guardian angel

  • You feel overly emotional and need a calming presence

  • You feel anxious or depressed a lot lately

  • You've recently lost a loved one

  • You're going to lose a loved one

  • You feel negative energy around you

  • You feel something is wrong and can't put your finger on it

  • You're being treated badly by people

  • You feel you have bad luck

  • You need a healing hand

  • You need guidance from the heavenly world

After placing your order,  please read and reference the FAQ page to help you understand your part in your magick for best results.


Please send the answers to these questions to  if you don't answer them here along with any pictures after placing your order.


Your questionnaire:


1. Your full name?

2. Birth date?

3. Please describe what you're looking to achieve with this spellwork?

4. Are you willing to let the spellwork get attached to your aura and use the law of attraction to ensure best results?

5. Any other info you think we might need to know to help us with your spell? Anything that lets us get to know you better helps!

*Please note, nothing tangible comes in the mail with this spell. It is cast directly on you!*

Divine Blessings Angel Spell

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