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This is the spell to get if you want to customize everything about the way you look! If you have a long list of demands... bring it on! We are ready to do this spell to help transform your body into what you want to see when you look in the mirror! No plastic surgery required! This spell is completely customized to your specifications and will use all brand new spells written just for you. Please include pictures as a visual aid for a more customized spell and an even better experience.


This spell is appropriate for people in these circumstances:



  • You have more than one problem area on your body you want to change

  • You want to be able to mold your body into the perfect vision of who you wish you could be

  • You don’t have enough money for plastic surgery and are ok with the slower results but the price point magick offers 

  • You have the ability to picture in your head what you want to look like and can use the law of attraction to visualize you at your top form

  • You are noticing signs of aging and want to not just slow it down, but reverse it

  • You want your body to look and feel natural

  • You are committed to your results