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Gaia- Mother Earth & Goddess of Creation, Stability, & Growth


The Greek goddess Gaia, often spelled Gaea, is a multi-named deity. Since the root of her name is "earth," she was essentially the human embodiment of the planet. Many believe she is the primordial mother who brought forth all of creation.


She was conceived at the beginning of time, making her one of the protogenoi, or elemental deities. The gods of heaven came from Gaia's marriage with Ouranos (Uranus) (Sky), the gods of the sea came from her union with Pontos (Sea), the Gigantes (Giants) came from her mating with Tartaros (the Pit), and all mortal beings were produced straight from her earthly flesh.


Gaia was the mother of the Titans, Cyclopes, and the Hecatoncheires. Gaia became the grandmother of innumerable fabled beings (including the Olympians) thanks to the Titans, who each had many offspring.


The function that Gaia plays in Greek mythology is complex and often conflicting or unexpected. She ushered in a new era in the history of the gods by raising the newborn Zeus and aiding him in his dethroning of his father, Cronus. Gaia, in several of her mythologies, also fought against Zeus and plotted his downfall.


Gaia was venerated in ancient Greece as part of a fertility cult that also honored the agricultural goddess Demeter. Gaia is still revered by modern neopagan religions like Wicca because of her role as the ultimate mother goddess and source of life.



This potion is appropriate for you if you:


  • Are growing or want to grow a garden

  • Have plants around the home that you take care of

  • Want to work with or connect with nature or plants

  • Have anxiety or stress and want to feel rooted or grounded

  • Want to raise your vibration

  • Would like to calm your energy and find peace

  • Want to bring love and peace into your home

  • Want to attract love and devotion from your significant other

  • Would like to attract blessings

  • Want to feel secure in your finances

  • Would like to attract wealth and prosperity

  • Would like to start and grow a business

  • Have investments you want to grow

  • Are looking to grow and evolve personally

  • Have goals you want to achieve and need extra help and motivation

  • Want to cleanse your energy and aura

  • Would like to get rid of any energy blocks you might have

  • Want to attract luck and good fortune your way

  • Want to grow and expand your mind through research or education

  • Want to purify your body and heal ailments

  • Would like to get rid of disease and illness

  • Would like a fresh start with your life and those around you

  • Would like to remove toxic people, places, and things from your environment and energy

  • Want a constant energy boost to help you with your powers of manifestation

  • Want to purify you relationships and clear out any toxic patterns, pain, trauma, and belief systems for healthy, strong bonds and communication

  • Would like to wake up feeling refreshed and energized

  • Want to boost your fertility

  • Would like to have a baby or babies

  • Want a healthy pregnancy and delivery

  • Would like to have added ability to nurture those around you, including yourself

  • Would like to manifest anything that comes to your mind

  • Are an artist and want to add talent and vision to your art

  • Have ideas and thoughts you want to create and put into motion

  • Would like to worship and work directly with the Goddess Gaia


The process of making our potion elixirs:


Each bottle comes from a large master potion elixir oil jar that it infused with magickal herbs, crystals, and additional talisman's and charms James has made specifically for their intention. Some of these (especially the curse, wealth and protection oils) might have snake skins or other animal parts in little mesh bags inside the oils, so I would not assume these oils are vegan. Some are, but some wont be. We cannot make a non vegan oil vegan unfortunately.


Each intention has it's own large master potion elixir oil jar. James and Audra have been casting on these potion elixir oils for over a year now and during very special events including new and full moons, eclipses, lions gate, 11/11 etc. This means they've been infused with an incredible abundance of magick.


When you order a potion elixir, Audra will siphon a small amount out of master jar and will place it in a little cup with your name and date of birth written on a paper in it. She will then do a spell to bind that oil specifically to you, ask for it to listen to your commands and to manifest the wishes you ask from it. She then bottles it for you, places a label and sends it your way.

Gaia Potion Elixir Oil ~Mother Earth & Goddess of Creation, Stability, & Growth

    • Abundance

    • Affection

    • Blessings

    • Calm Energy (Rid Anxiety & Worry)

    • Dedication

    • Devotion

    • Divination

    • Energy

    • Enlightenment

    • Fertility

    • Grounding

    • Growth

    • Healing

    • Life

    • Love

    • Marriage

    • Nature

    • Nurture

    • Prophecy

    • Rebirth/Renewal

    • Wealth

    • Weather

    • Well-Being

    • Wisdom


    • Each bottle of potion elixir should last over 90 days (or at least 3 moon cycles) if you use one drop per day, but most people will want to use more than this, especially since it strengthens the spell. Try to aim to use at least 3 drops a day. You will need to focus on your intention (you can even say it out-loud) right after applying your elixir oil.


    • You’ll want to make sure you are consistent with applying and focusing on your intention since magick is a buildup of energies. The more repetitive you are, the stronger your spell and better your results will be. If you are more consistent with not using your elixir, your results will match your effort. So, please keep that in mind.


    • The places to apply your elixir on your body will vary per potion elixir. On wealth potion elixirs, you’ll want them on your hand (to receive), for love potion elixirs, you’ll want them on your chest (over your heart), and for banishing/break up potions, you’ll want them on your feet (to kick and stomp them out!) Please pay attention to the instructions per potion exlixir as each elixir oil has its own instructions.


    • You’ll want to make sure you find a designated time for each potion’s application. For example, if you have 5 different potions elixirs you are working with, you'll need make sure you space out the rituals throughout the day so you can dedicate your energy to each one independently. However if you are using potion elixirs with the same intention (for example, you have 2 or more for bringing you wealth) you can use those together. Just don't use a wealth and love potion together. Space them several hours or more apart so you have time to focus on your intentions for each elixir.


    • You don’t want to start or end your day with a negative potion (like a break up potion) so try to keep those to do mid-day so you can quickly move on from them to keep your own energy positive. You don't want to give too much attention to a negative situation. If this isn’t possible or you want to make sure the negative energy does not affect you, consider buying a positive energy boost elixir to keep your energy positive after using a negative potion. Keep track of your schedule and try to stick with it as much as possible. The alarm on your phone is a great tool to keep you on your toes and consistent.


    • Your potion elixirs should be stored in a cool dark place. They are made of pure high quality coconut oil and top quality fragrance oils (unless you requested fragrance free oils) which thankfully have a long shelf life, but you still need to protect them from the sun and heat as this can turn any oil no matter it’s quality, rancid. I do not want you using rancid oils as it is not healthy and it’s quite frankly, it is disgusting. I am a stickler for high quality oils and herbs, especially if they are going to be put on my body, so you get the benefit of getting the very best as I use my own products offered here to you, which match my own very high standards. Please make sure you are taking care of your potion elixirs to keep them usable and to respect their energy. These potion elixirs are sacred tools, and should be treated as such.


    • Once full results are achieved, you can continue to use your potion elixirs just when and if you feel you need a booster. If it's been years and you've had consistent results, you are welcome to dispose of your potion elixirs, but do so in a way that is respectful to your potion elixir. You can pour the remaining amount into the earth and thank it for it's help and success and wrap the bottle with tissue and dispose of in a way you feel is best. You can also bury the whole bottle with potion and everything in a place where it will not be disturbed and where broken glass is unlikely to hurt anyone. I also don't mind taking care of the disposal myself for an extra fee. What ever you do, it is important that you respect the magick and the universe for this sacred magick tool.

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