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Do you need to have influence over someone's heart and mind? This is the spell you are looking for. This spell will help you if:


  • You need your significant other to agree with you on what you want and need from the relationship

  • You need to make sure your target agrees that your ideas and feelings on a subject is the correct one

  • If you have someone you are crushing on and you are too afraid to make the first move so you need to give them ideas about you

  • You want to guide your crushes heart in your direction

  • You want to influence your boss or coworkers to do what you want from them

  • You want to make sure you are the ultimate influence in your family

  • You want to make sure the person you are in love with is only thinking of and wanting to be with you

  • You want to make sure you get the attention and affection from a large group of people


All you need to do is think about this person (or people) while holding the charm that comes with this spell. You can think about you and them in certain scenarios and the spell is designed to reflect those thoughts back to them. You can even think things like: "Your name" is absolutely gorgeous today or I'd really like to ask out "your name" to try and give them ideas. There are so many possibilities with this spell.


After placing your order, please read and reference the FAQ page to help you understand your part in your magick for best results.


Please send the answers to these questions to if you don't answer them here along with any pictures after placing your order.


Your Name:

Your Date of Birth:

Your Birth Time (if known):

Who are you trying to influence (include any names and birthdays if you know them):

What is your relationship like with them right now:

What you want from this spell:


*Please note, nothing tangible comes in the mail with this spell. It is cast directly on you and/or your target!*

Influence Them Spell

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