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Manifestation Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

Ignite your innermost passions and seize your destiny with the Carnelian Manifestation Momentum Potion Oil. Expertly crafted for those who seek to infuse their life with confidence and motivation, this potion oil is steeped in the arts of empowerment and success. Let this unique oil serve as your beacon, illuminating the path to personal triumph and the actualization of your deepest wishes.
This unique perfume oil features a blend of six of our most powerful potion elixirs, designed to work harmoniously together to amplify your results and provide exceptional value, saving you from purchasing each elixir individually.

Six Powerful Potions in One: Imbued with a potent concoction of Crown of Success Potion, Manifestation Potion, Ask, Believe & Receive Potion, Lakshmi Goddess Potion, Opportunities Flying My Way Potion, and High Vibration Potion, meticulously mixed to allow you to quantum leap your manifestation results.
Carnelian Crystals: Charged During Full Solar Eclipse: Enhance your powers to manifest with these sparkling orange gems, set out during the full solar eclipse to imbue the oil with potent cosmic energy.
Luxurious Fragrance: Blend of jasmine and rose on an undertone of cedarwood and patchouli with a strong background of moss.

Full instructions are included with your perfume oil.

This Elixir Perfume oil is made for those with these goals:
Are looking to establish yourself as a major financial player
Are looking to attract massive amounts of money
Have money making ideas you want to put into motion
Are looking to create an empire
Have a business you want to take off in a big way
Want to see massive improvements in all areas of your life
Would like your name to be synonymous with success in your circle
Want the universe know you are open to receiving money
Are ready for success and the responsibilities that come with it
Need that extra hand up to push you over the edge of success
Want to be at the top of your career
Want to be physically fit and healthy
Have a penchant for reading self help books and want to use the tips you've learned to your full advantage
Would like to attract a multitude of people that will help you reach the very top
Want the ability to mentor people and get paid large sums of money for your advice
Would like biographies and books written about you
Would like to leave behind a glorious legacy after a long, successful, and happy life
Need new doors to open for you and for a path to be cleared
Are highly ambitious and are ready to put your goals into action
Want to be blessed with the skills and drive to reach your highest goals
Need extra organization and focus to meet your targets
Want an edge on any competition
Want the power to manifest your dreams
Are familiar with the law of attraction and want to use it to help manifest anything and everything you want
Are looking to manifest money
Are looking to manifest a soulmate or a specific person
Are hoping to manifest good luck
Are hoping to manifest a baby
Are looking to manifest a specific house, car, or other tangible item
Are hoping to manifest a specific career or job
Want to be able to focus on something specific and bring it into fruition
Know you are magickal and want something to help you enhance your abilities
Are hoping to win at games of chance and need something extra to help you manifest your big win
You believe in the law of attraction
You want an extra boost from the universe to help bring you everything you've ever wanted
You want an extra tool in your LOA arsenal
You enjoy repetitive rituals for abundance as you've seen the amazing results they can bring
The law of attraction has helped you in the past
You've never tried the law of attraction but you've heard good things and want to try it
You are attracted to this potion for some reason
You believe that the universe is on your side
You believe it is your destiny to be wealthy
You believe in like energy attracting like energy
Would like to live a life of luxury
Want to win at games of chance like the lottery, bingo, gambling, etc.
Want good luck and prosperity
Have a business you want to succeed
Want to make sure you never lack for anything
Would like to make sure your family is well taken care of
Want to become an online influencer and make an income from that type of business
Have investments you want to generate a large income from
Care about specific charities and organizations that you'd like to support with your extra income
Would like to become a philanthropist
Want to be blessed with a happy and prosperous life
No longer want to live paycheck to paycheck
Have a bucket list of experiences you'd like to have that you need financial backing in order to achieve
Want to have family, your significant other, bosses, and customers become incredibly generous towards you
Want to live a very comfortable and stress free life
Want to make sure your children go to the best schools, and have the best food, education, vacations, clothes and housing provided to them
Are a fan of the law of attraction and want to use your ability to mindfully attract the life you deserve and envision for yourself
Have a vision board full of material wealth you want to manifest
Have a list of goals you want to pursue and achieve
Would like to be the epitome of health and beauty
Want to be able to have a youthful and glowing appearance
Would like to feel physically and mentally healthy and light
Want to ensure your weight is in a healthy and manageable limit
Would like the ability to turn out thousands business and money making ideas in a split second
Want to attract investors and people willing and eager to give you the capital you need to make your ideas and dreams a reality
You want to publish programs, books, manuals, and other influential materials for fame and prosperity
You want to be looked at as an authority in your chosen field
You want to have a very large amount of savings, retirement, and money available to you and your loved ones at all time
You want to worship and work with Lakshmi directly
You want to make sure all doors and opportunities are open to you
You want to make sure there are new ideas and inspiration for helping you get ahead in your business or carer
You want to make sure people think of you first when offering an opportunity
You want to make sure your luck goes up
You want to make sure that your sales numbers go up
If you are a influencer or want to be, you want to make sure you get the best sponsors and opportunities
If you own a business, you want to make sure you are the first in line for new products, opportunities, and clients
If you own a MLM business, you want to make sure you are able to build a massive team and get plenty of clients and opportunities before other teams
You want to make sure your boss wants to give you first choice and opportunities for carer advancement
You want opportunities to just come out of no-where and want the ability to snag them for yourself

You will get these potions all individually bound to you (this is 6 different individual spells) and then mix them together and do an additional binding spell (so a total of 7 spells!) before adding the crystals and fragrance oil.

Manifestation Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

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