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Protection Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

This unique perfume oil features a blend of three of our most powerful potion elixirs, designed to work harmoniously together to keep you fully protected and provide exceptional value, saving you from purchasing each elixir individually.

What makes this amazing potion truly unparalleled is the trinity of potent protection potions that dance within it's frosted black glass. The Protection Potion repels negativity, the Curse Reversal Potion liberates you from unseen bindings, and the Positive Energy Boost Potion transforms your space into a haven of optimism.

Imbued with solar eclipse charged obsidian crystals known for their grounding properties, this potion serves as a shield, safeguarding you from curses, hexes, and the malevolent gaze of the evil eye.

A luxurious fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot, sea salt and amber wood is added to your potion to make is something truly special.

Full instructions are included with your perfume oil.

This Elixir Perfume oil is made for those with these goals:
You want an extra bubble of protection over you or a loved one
Someone has been bothering you or someone you care about
You want to be protected from accidents
You want to be protected from people who wish you harm
You want to get rid of any evil eye or hexes placed on you
You are worried you have a dark aura
You get nightmares often
You are bullied at work, school, or around family
Someone is sending you negative energy
You keep getting a negative sense of deja-vu
You feel a negative energy around you
You know people who speak badly about you or wish you ill
You have a psychic vampire around you
You are exhausted all the time with no medical explanation
You can tell there is something wrong with the way your life has been going
You feel you have bad luck and don't know why
It seems as if everything you do goes wrong
You are constantly rejected
You feel you have a target on your back
Your whole family seems to have bad luck
You have constant bad dreams
You feel as if you are walking around with a black cloud over your head
No matter how hard you work or try, you never can seem to get ahead
You've seen or felt negative energy or spirits in your home or around you
You've noticed that since being around another person, your life has just gone downhill
You are always getting sick or feeling weak/low energy
You can't seem to get happy, even when good things happen to you
People don't like you or want to be around you
It's been mentioned before that you might be cursed
You feel you've been cursed
You've dabbled in the occult and things took a turn for the worst since then
You got into a disagreement with another person and since they've been upset at you, it is as if the whole world has just fallen apart around you

You will get these potions all individually bound to you (this is 3 different individual spells) and then mix them together and do an additional binding spell (so a total of 4 spells!) before adding the crystals and fragrance oil.


Protection Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

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