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Psychic Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

Unlock the full potential of your psychic and spiritual journey with our Psychic Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil. This unique perfume oil features a blend of six of our most powerful potion elixirs, designed to work harmoniously together to amplify your results and provide exceptional value, saving you from purchasing each elixir individually.

Six Powerful Potions in One: Infused with Akashic Records Potion, Psychic Powers Potion, High Vibration Potion, Hecate Goddess Potion, Kundalini Intention Potion, and Energy Alignment Potion. Each elixir is carefully chosen to provide an unmatched spiritual experience.
Amethyst Crystals Charged During Full Solar Eclipse: Enhance your energy with amethyst crystals, set out during the full solar eclipse to imbue the oil with potent cosmic energy.
Luxurious Fragrance: Energize your senses with a high-quality fragrance oil featuring uplifting notes of cherry and almond, blended with neroli, orange flower, jasmine, and strawberry. Base notes of vanilla and raspberry add a rich, sweet finish.

Full instructions are included with your perfume oil.

This Elixir Perfume oil is made for those with these goals:

You want to ignite the dormant energy within yourself
You're looking for a spiritual transformation
You want to inspire an Kundalini awakening
You're looking to go on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and inner transcendence
You seek support though your spiritual journey
You seek a powerful tool to help you with your meditations
You want to discover your own divine energy and have the ability to access every aspect of your awakened self Access the Akashic records
You want to be able to see the future in visions, dreams, and guided meditation
You want to try out astral projection
You want to be able to be clairvoyant
You want to use tarot or oracle cards and want more accurate readings
You want to be able to look at the past and find out answers for yourself and others
You would like to be able to talk with spirits and people who have passed on already
You want to be able to touch objects and go into places and read the history related to those objects or places
You want to be able to meet someone and instantly know if they are good for you or not
You want to be able to help solve mysteries and give clues to help people who are missing or have had something horrible happen to them
You would like to be able to offer psychic services and make a good income from it
You want to improve the accuracy of your own readings and intuition
You want to be able to automatically know what someone is thinking when they are in your presence
You want to be a human lie detector machine
You want to be able to figure out how to heal both people and animals by being in their presence
You want to have the ability to communicate with animals
You want to have the ability to communicate with people who are unable to verbally speak
You want to be able to have psychic dreams
You want the ability to have instant visions
You believe like energy attracts like, and you want to make sure your vibration is high and attracting the life you want
You're looking to change your energy to attract a specific person or people into your life
You want to make sure you have the best luck
You want to make sure money and wealth flies your way
You want your energy to be on point for your spells to manifest properly and quickly
You sometimes have problems with being negative and pessimistic
You need some extra positive energy to help get you though the day
You want some great energy to help you get ahead at work or in your career
You want the powers of manifestation and magick at your fingertips
You want people to look up to you and consider you the authority on any subject
You have a business, side hustle, or career that you want to be incredibly successful with by being able to feel out and use your psychic powers to guide you to make the correct choices
You want to psychically influence any and all people who look upon you both online and in person
You want the ability to control your (and other people’s) conscious and subconscious minds
You would like the ability to connect to the afterlife and converse with those who have passed on
You want the ability to contact other people in their sleep and influence them in their dreams
You want to psychically seduce and control any person you target with your powers of lust and sexuality
You want to put the fear of the Goddess Hecate into anyone who would even think about harming you or those you love
You would like to have the ability to gain psychic and cosmic wisdom and raise your cosmic intelligence
You would like to worship and work directly with Hecate
You want to unlock the vibrant flow of your inner energy
You're looking to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit
You've been interested in the synergy of ancient wisdom and modern alchemy
You want to reinvigorate your essence and restore balance to your being
You want to increase your vitality and energy
You are interested in using a potion that serves as a catalyst for aligning your chakras and revitalizing your aura
You want the ability to channel cosmic energy in a safe and grounded way
You already meditate or are looking to start meditating and want to enhance your experience
You're looking to transform your energy in a very big way

You will get these potions all individually bound to you (this is 6 different individual spells) and then mix them together and do an additional binding spell (so a total of 7 spells!) before adding the crystals and fragrance oil.


Psychic Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

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