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Seduction Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

Ignite passion and allure with our Seduction Potion Elixir Oil, a captivating elixir designed to turn heads and seduce even the most stubborn target. Infused with the irresistible aroma of red hot cinnamon candy, this potion not only tantalizes the senses but also enchants the heart.
This unique perfume oil features a blend of six of our most powerful potion elixirs, designed to work harmoniously together to amplify your results and provide exceptional value, saving you from purchasing each elixir individually.

Six Powerful Potions in One: Imbued with a potent concoction of Seductress Potion, Aphrodite Goddess Potion, Attraction Potion, Always on your Mind Potion, Eyes Only For Me Potion, and Dominate the Relationship Potion, meticulously mixed to grab instant intention and allow you to drive your target wild.
Garnet Crystals: Charged During Full Solar Eclipse: Enhance your powers to seduce with garnet crystals, set out during the full solar eclipse to imbue the oil with potent cosmic energy.
Luxurious Fragrance: Sizzling red hot cinnamon that will turn heads when you walk by

Full instructions are included with your perfume oil.

This Elixir Perfume oil is made for those with these goals:
You have a crush on someone who you want to notice you
You want the upper hand in a relationship
Your lover doesn't seem as interested in you as you'd like
You want your crush or lover to become completely enchanted by the thought of you
You want the ability to magickally hypnotize your lover or crush
You want to unleash your inner sexy goddess
You want to bring out your most alluring and seductive qualities
You want to be irresistible and confident in any situation
You want to be empowered and in control
You want men to worship the very ground you walk on
You want to attract admiring gazes
You want to be a little intimidating and mysterious so people will work extra hard to get in your good graces with respect and admiration
You don't want anyone to be able to resist your charm
You want your confidence and commanding aura to carry you to greater heights in your career and with your relationships
You want to enhance your outer appearance and highlight your favorite features
You want a major confidence and self esteem boost
You want your SP to beg to be with you
Want to bewitch and seduce a specific person
Want the ability to be the most gorgeous person in the room
Want to crush any competition in matters of love and romance
Want to be able to seduce completely with just a glance
Want peace and beauty in your relationships
Would like to spark passion between you and your target
Want your target to fall madly and undeniably in love with you
Want to renew a relationship that had gone sour
Would like the ability to have intense and passionate sex
Want to get revenge against a rival for your significant other
Want a commitment from a specific person
Want to ensure your partner is completely faithful and loyal to you
Want to increase your ability and strength of orgasms
Would like a marriage proposal
Want to have a healthy and youthful appearance to you
Want your skin to glow with vitality and youth
Would like to spark desire and influence over people
Want someone to express their true feelings for you
Want a specific person to open their heart and mind to you
Want to get back with an ex
Would like to steal away someone from your rival
Need to feel worshiped by your significant other
Would like your significant other to proudly talk about you to other people
Want your beauty to be legendary
Would like to have a more curvaceous figure
Would like to mold yourself into your perfect body shape
Want all your ex's to feel horrible and regret ever letting you go
Would like to use sex magick to manifest or increase pleasure and loyalty
Would like to be your lovers best friend
Would like your significant other to be very affectionate with you
You would like to directly worship and work with the Goddess Aphrodite
You want your target to become attracted to you and only you
You want to make sure your flirty partner stops flirting and looking at other people
You have been cheated on before and you want an extra layer of protection to ensure your partner does not stray
You want to make sure there is no one else that catches the eye of a crush or partner
You've caught your target or spouse on dating apps or dating sites and you want to make sure they abandon any thoughts of trying to flirt with or date other people
You want a commitment from someone in particular and want them to realize that you are “the one”
You want to continue to remain attractive to your spouse or partner
You want to make sure you stay attracted to your spouse or partner
You want your target to think of you non-stop
You want to dictate what your target thinks about you
You want control of your targets thoughts and feelings
You want to constantly pop into your target's mind
You desire your target to think about you as much as you think about them
You want to make sure you are the only person they're thinking about
You want to make sure your target loses interest in anyone else because they are thinking about you and only you
You want to be the first thing your target thinks about when they wake up and the last thing they think about before they go to sleep
You want someone jealous of you
You want to gain someone's favor
You want someone to think you are competition and to believe they will lose
You want someone to be obsessed with you
You want someone to wish they didn't hurt you and to want to get back in your good graces
You want someone to be embarrassed or ashamed of something they said or did to you
You want someone to go crazy with thoughts of you that you put into their mind
You want someone to think they'll get caught by you if they try to cross you
You want someone to think about how much they love you or care about you if they ever think about hurting you

You will get these potions all individually bound to you (this is 6 different individual spells) and then mix them together and do an additional binding spell (so a total of 7 spells!) before adding the crystals and fragrance oil.

Seduction Collection Potion Elixir Perfume Oil

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