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Your target will be tied to you and bound to you soul to soul, heart to heart. This spell is perfect for you if:


  • You want to make sure your lover never leaves you

  • You want to make sure you and your target continue to keep the special bond you already have

  • You want to increase attraction and commitment from your target

  • You want to make sure your target always feels you are their soulmate and will always do what it takes to keep you

  • You want your target to fall deeply and desperately in love with you

  • You need a promise of commitment not just from your target but from the universe

  • You know this person is your soulmate

  • You want to ensure a future with your target

  • You want your target to feel an instant connection with you

  • You want your target to feel the same way about you, that you do about them

  • You want your target to be in emotional agony if they ever try to leave

  • You want your target to always want to work together for the peace and harmony of your relationship


Please make sure you are serious about this person before getting this spell as it is going to bind you and this person together for time and forever. You are making a commitment to both them and the universe with this spell.


After placing your order,  please read and reference the FAQ page to help you understand your part in your magick for best results.


Please send the answers to these questions to if you don't answer them here along with any pictures after placing your order.


Your questionnaire:


1. Your full name?

2. Birth date?

3. What is the name of the person whom you would like us to do this love spell on? Please list their full name if possible.

4. What is their birth date if known?

5. What is your relationship like with this person right now? Please also list any history, how you met, and anything else that might help us out.

6. What are you hoping to achieve with this spell? What type of relationship are you looking for?

7. Are you willing to be patient and positive so that this spell has time to become attached to your aura and to ultimately work?

8. Any other info you think we might need to know to help us with your spell? Anything that lets us get to know you better helps!


*Please note, nothing tangible comes in the mail with this spell. It is cast directly on you and/or your target!*

You Belong To Me Binding Spell

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