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How To Use The Law Of Attraction With Love Spells

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Written by Audra but inspired by Robin's previous blog on the subject.

The majority of the problems we handle at Life Spirits are romantic in nature. I can honestly say that we've seen every romantic situation in the book.

When we receive requests from people asking for assistance on a love situation, we begin to notice certain patterns that indicate what kind of an outcome we can expect. These patterns either match those who are able to successfully manifest their ultimate true love scenario or match the patterns of those who weren't successful.

Right away, we can predict who will receive near instant results and who will be challenging to deal with.

It all depends on that person's mindset, how they view the relationship with their target, how receptive they are to suggestions and directions, and how patient they are with the process.

In my spell-casting profession, I have assisted tens of thousands of people with relationship issues alone, so I am aware that I have a unique perspective on what those who found success all had in common with each other.

The majority of the people who received success with love spells took our work seriously and sincerely followed our directions. They took notes and used The Law of Attraction to raise their vibration and prepare their energy to attract the people and relationships they desired from the Universe. This allowed their energy to accumulate so they could ultimately succeed with their spell work. In essence, they managed to align their energy with the intentions they had us conjure on their behalf.

You utilize the law of attraction every single day whether you recognize it or not. Every single thing you do—including your thoughts, words, and deeds—contains energy that you project into the universe in an effort to draw specific outcomes your way. To ensure that we are living the life we want to live and with the people we want to share it with, it is crucial that we are aware of the energy we are sending out to the Universe.

We constantly advise folks to employ the law of attraction when casting spells on their behalf. All successful spell casters use this technique regardless of whether they are aware of its term or not. A specific vibrational frequency is necessary for spells to manifest. This is an absolute necessity and we cannot choose to forgo it!

It is crucial for a spell caster (and their clients) to understand how to modify their own energy in conjunction with the energy they have just released through casting. This is a key step in learning how to manifest spells. Those who are most effective in successful spells are masters of their own thoughts and energies.

The more adept we grow in casting spells, the more adept we become at directing our thoughts and energies. As witches, we acquire it as a second nature.

People who do not cast their own spells might be unaware of this important detail when it comes to spell manifestation. Because of this, it's crucial that folks who request spell-work learn how to regulate their energy and vibration in order to align it with the outcome they've requested from the Universe.

Sadly, misunderstandings arise when spell casters forget or neglect to explain how to manage ones personal vibration to those who are unfamiliar with energy manipulation. The majority of spell-casting practitioners will advise you to simply "think positively" and "have faith" or something of the like. There is much more to it than that. Many spell casters find explaining the law of attraction challenging, especially as they've only been hired to simply cast a spell.

Witches know how spells work because we've experienced it, felt it, and are comfortable with magick. This is an advantage real witches have when casting spells on our own behalf. We know how to adjust our energy because faith and good feelings are present with something we're familiar with.

We feel good with magick and we know our spells will manifest for us. That is the advantage of the spell caster. For those of you who are not familiar with this energy and with this process, it can be a whole different story and you wont get the full benefit of the spell because you are missing one of the key components for success.

Robin and I were extremely excited when several authors started taking the law of attraction mainstream and having a common name for how to control and manipulate our personal energy and vibration.

However, we've found that the majority of books and blogs on the law of attraction center around achieving financial success, physical wellness, or meeting your soul mate. The real “secret” is using the law of attraction to actually attract a specific person. Maybe it's because most people who are proficient in using the law of attraction, don't consider using spell-work in conjunction with law of attraction. They are missing out because with using the law of attraction and magick combined, you are able to be incredibly precise and accurate in your requests. Using both together, you can target a specific person and move your relationship to a new level to create an incredibly affectionate, loyal, and loving partnership.

In order to assist you in the ability to properly implement the law of attraction in conjunction with your spell-work, Robin and I decided to come up with a simple guide.

We are hoping that some of you will read this and experience an "Ah-ha!" moment, but if you still don't completely understand this concept, please get in touch with Robin and I for further help.

The more you study and learn about the law of attraction, the more you'll be able to apply it to benefit yourself greatly. If you use it correctly, you'll be truly astounded by how quickly your spell-work starts to manifest for you. Managing your energy is key to the success of your spells. This is the universal rule, and even if you don't comprehend it, it still applies whether you use it to your advantage or not.

1. Pay attention to YOUR energy.

You need to make this process all about you and your energy rather than that other person and their energy. You are the one driving this relationship and have the power to make it work or fail.

The easiest approach to doing this is to make sure you are the one guiding the energy in the direction you want it to travel to. Never, ever, ever, ever allow another person determine your happiness. They don't deserve it, and the outcome won't be what you want in the long run. Take control of your energy. Stop letting other people and things influence your energy. Allow, no, demand yourself to feel happiness, gratitude, and peace in this current moment.

You must get into a habit of putting on blinders when it comes to your target, especially if things are really bad right now. If your target blocks you and this makes you feel rejected and unloved, you're focusing on THEIR energy and not controlling how your energy responds to their actions. If you're focused on a relationship you want to break up and you keep noticing how happy they are together which is breaking your heart and making you feel absolute jealousy, you're concentrating on THEIR energy and not controlling how your energy responds to their actions. Anytime you're feeling bad, especially in relation to how another person's actions is making you feel, you are concentrating on the incorrect energy. Get in control of your energy and stop paying attention to what THEY are doing anyway. Focus on you!

If you don't have control of your energy, you'll be traveling in circles and squandering your time while feeling lonely, sad, lost, and grief. Learning to control your own energy is the most important aspect of magick and the law of attraction.

Rule number one is that from now on, your happiness is your responsibility and you have no choice but to get into a state of bliss, comfort, peace, and gratitude. Start working on this NOW! You must resolve to transform into the person who brings YOU joy.

You must ensure that you give your daily attention to pursuits you find enjoyable and engage in activities that keep a grin on your face throughout the day. It is imperative that you allow yourself to always be joyful and as stress free as possible in order to improve your energy.

2. Let it go.

It's critical to break any old habits that aren't serving you successfully in order to establish fresh ones.

You'll need to let go of the past wounds, any resentment, any issues establishing trust, and any insecurities and doubts you may have about your relationship and the person you're trying to attract.

You must approach this with an entirely new set of thoughts and emotions. Before you can genuinely begin to develop your connection and bond with that other person, you must first start enhancing your energy.

Don't contaminate your goals with your rooted negative beliefs and anxieties. If you keep poking holes of doubt and pessimism into your metaphorical boat, it will eventually sink. Obviously, a few holes (negative thoughts) won't make you immediately drown, but over time you'll notice your boat is growing heavier and traveling more slowly than before. You'll slow down your progress dramatically if not stop your spell-work from manifesting completely. Letting go of any negative thoughts, doubts, anxiety, and past negative history is essential to the success of everything you've been asking and hoping for.

Stop focusing on any negative thoughts and set beliefs you have about your present, past, or prospective relationship. Stop being your own worst enemy and biggest hindrance when it comes to being in a successful and loving partnership.

To reiterate, you must be committed to letting go of a lot of past thought patterns, feelings, and convictions. This takes a committed effort. If you make the decision today to stop focusing and thinking about that negative thought but come back to it tomorrow because your anxiety keeps you focused on it, you'll go nowhere. This has to be a long term commitment as you're looking for long term results.

If you find yourself starting to think or worry about your relationship (or lack thereof), you must make an effort to shift the topic in your mind. Your present relationship scenario or your previous thoughts and beliefs about that person may have contributed to your predicament, therefore it is clear that these feelings and beliefs are not beneficial to you. They are dangerous and will interfere with your intended result.

So, release them!

3. Have complete faith that your spell-work will manifest for you.

People having expectations about when or how their spells will manifest is one of the factors that delays and halts materialization completely. You must let go of your expectations and begin to trust that the Universe will grant your requests in the time and manner that is for your highest good.

Anxiety may be greatly increased by concentrating on the duration of time it is taking and your current undesired circumstances. Depending on how much concern you feel over your circumstance, the anxiety you feel towards it will slow down your manifestation and may possibly make matters worse. In order for the Universe to know what it needs to do for you, you must concentrate on the desired result, not the problem.

When you ask us to cast spells on your behalf, you have already made your intention known to the universe. As a result, fretting continually about how long it will take or whether it will even work, shows that you have no faith in magick and consequently no faith that the Universe will look after your needs. This sends two contradictory vibrations out into the Universe. One is the request that your dreams will manifest with the spell-work that we do on your behalf. The other which is a vibration sent out by your anxiety and doubt, is telling the Universe NOT to manifest your dreams. The Universe will believe that is your true desire since you're so passionate about that anxiety and doubt.

Each negative thought can counter our spell-work for you. If you do this often, you are undoing our work entirely. This will ultimately push that person or desired connection further away from you. In having these doubts and anxiety, you are basically working against yourself.

You must have unflinching confidence that you will be with that person NOW! They are already yours. You must know and believe that! If you want to visualize—which many people find incredibly helpful—you can do so, but only if it will benefit you. If you can't visualize without thinking about your negative past or present situation, you shouldn't use this technique. If you find it difficult to envision without experiencing anxiety or bringing up painful memories, don't. If you can, play pretend and envision your dream scenario as if it is happening in current tense, that will speed things up dramatically for you.

We offer folks a time line (3 moon cycles) for when their updated positive energy and vibration should begin assisting them in manifesting their spells. This is our standard response that we give out when asked because it is how long it typically takes us spell casters to shift our own energy. This is not the rule and should not be viewed as such.

The 3 moon cycles time line is dependent on how well our customers follow our instructions and how complicated their case is. Your time line will be just as unique to your situation and vibration as your spell-work is. So this is a general time line, but not obviously written in stone. You should not worry if you're not seeing too much (if any progress) by a certain time. Don't allow the obsession of the 3 moon cycle time line cause additional stress and anxiety as it's completely counter productive to your success.

Since all situations are unique, the time line of manifestation will be unique to that person and their situation. The situation of someone wanting to establish a new relationship will be different from that of someone trying to win back their unfaithful spouse. There is a large amount of contrast between the two situations.

A person who is suffering with an unfaithful spouse has a lot of negative energy to sort through and usually a lot of trust issues that need to get cleared away. Whereas the individual looking to establish a new relationship is a lot more excited and trusting of the process making that individual more likely to be able to raise their vibration quickly and have a much faster full manifestation of their spell-work.

Thus it stands to reason that your outcomes will differ from those of others so don't get into a habit of comparing and expecting the same results in the same amount of time. Since your case is unique, we cater to you on an individual bases for better results.

You won't go anywhere if you decide right away to give your case only three moon cycles and then move on if nothing happens by then. This is because you're indicating to the Universe that this is a gamble, not a commitment. You have to agree to wait as long as it takes and ironically, that usually is what helps it manifest incredibly fast. In having that outlook, you are removing all anxiety, fear, and expectations which shift your vibration to where it needs to be for manifestation. The Universe falls in love with a stubborn heart! Conviction and commitment will get you exactly what you're asking for!

Those who have told me that they'll only commit to their spells for 3 months and move on if they didn't get manifestation by then, never were able to get their spells to manifest. They were able to predict their future lack of results by claiming them. They sent the universe two opposing wishes, but they chose to focus on not receiving their wish, and they received exactly what they had wished for... failure. Those people end the spell the moment they say “I'm moving on.” because that is exactly what the Universe hears. So, be very mindful about deciding to be done with your situation at a certain time if you don't see manifestation before then. You are assuring that your investment in this spell-work goes down the drain because I can almost guarantee, your spells wont manifest!

Many of you tell me that this specific person you are trying to have in a healthy relationship with you is your soul mate, therefore I would anticipate that you would determine that they are worth all the time it takes to be with that one person your heart can't live without. You can not care if this takes weeks, months, or years to be with them because you know they are your destiny and you two will be together no matter what. S,o stop worrying about it. If you say and believe they are your soul mate, you'll have them!

You just need to believe and trust this process! It will happen faster if you are less worried about the time line. When someone finally lets go of their expectations and surrenders to the Universe, things might move quite quickly. Don't make it take longer than it should by being worried about how long it is taking.

Those who didn't care how long it took because they knew it would work when the conditions were right are the ones that see benefits more quickly. They knew their spells would manifest and they did!

You must start thinking about the issues of “time line” in the correct manner and it will no longer be an issue for you.

4. Don't expect perfection.

We frequently receive emails from individuals who are overjoyed because they finally received the phone call they were looking for, had a terrific night with their intended partner, or saw two people finally end a relationship they had been waiting out.

We would rejoice, and there would be a great deal of restored hope. Then, for some, it would occur—their target would disappear or seemingly “ghost” them. Or there would be a fight over something ridiculous between themselves and their target. Or that split-up we had set into motion would seem short lived and the pair would reconcile.

This is normal; any relationship and situation will have both good and terrible days. This is also very common when waiting for spell manifestation. Us witches are used to it, so things like this wouldn't phase us. We are working with energies and so there will be some big steps in the right direction followed by what might appear like some steps backwards, however, it isn't a step backward. This is simply energy regulating and is not permanent. Progress is almost never linear. So, don't look at this as things backfiring or your spells not manifesting. Understand that the energy is still regulating and so we need to continue on the path we were going because we were getting positive signs and will continue to get those signs if we don't let something like this change our vibration.

What you need to do in this circumstance is to feel absolute gratitude for those signs of manifestation you requested from the universe. If your target contacted you but then ghosted you, put ALL your passion into focusing on that initial contact and feel gratitude towards that little glimmer of progress. Ignore the ghosting completely. Don't focus on it. Don't allow it to affect your energy and don't allow it to make you doubt or feel rejected. Passion will propel your spell-work forward, so be passionate about the things you want (contact) and be completely apathetic towards the things you don't want (being ignored.) This will allow the energy to regulate in the direction we want for more of those good moments and less of those negative moments.

We must quickly re-align ourselves when we realize that our concentration is off since we are not robots and will occasionally have emotionally exhausting moments. You will have moments even in a wonderful relationships that can cause you frustration. Therefore, it's natural for there to be some pretty heavy issues and feelings that pop up when trying to manifest a happy relationship from something that was previously pretty toxic. Thus, don't imagine and expect that you would be immune from minor issues here and there while the energy is trying to re-set. These moments might mistakenly feel like setbacks. However they're natural in the process of energy manipulation. Instead of being worried or upset when they do occur, you must alter your perspective so that you can quickly get your energy back on track for more signs of things manifesting in the right direction.

The emphasis should be on letting go of negative emotions connected to lack of progress or things taking a negative turn and instead being grateful and excited for the manifestations that did occur and will occur. This line of thinking results in more and greater spell manifestations as well as fewer and smaller negative moments connected to your target. To illustrate, imagine someone rowing a boat. With each stroke, you can see them moving forward, but there is also a little push back from the waves that will force them to slide back a tiny bit. Yet the longer they row, the quicker they get to their destination. Hence, even if you encounter what might feel like resistance, as long as you keep rowing, you will ultimately reach your target.

5. When you get manifestation.

When we eventually see the results of our spells, we must maintain our energy level where it was prior to those results in order to keep those things going. Too often when people receive signs of manifestation, they allow their joy to divert them from the advice I've previously outlined. This is because they believe they no longer need to do their part to produce results. As a result, they begin to fall back into old patterns and begin concentrating on the other person's energy, and little negatives that pop up once more. Even when you two are together and doing well, you should continue to follow these recommendations to keep things going smoothly between you two.

So, this is a reminder to pay attention to your energies. As you experience victories and manifestations, give thanks to the universe and return to concentrating on YOUR energy. That is what first aided in bringing them your way to begin with.

You will successfully manifest your love spells with the assistance of these recommendations and guidance. These instructions are essential for full manifestation and are not optional. If you are serious about your success, you'll implement these suggestions fully. Please develop a strategy for putting these suggestions in motion and customizing them to your circumstance.

Please reach out to us if you need more help on how to apply these guidelines to your situation. We are here to help you get results and ensure you succeed in manifesting the type of relationship you desire with your true love.

Love & Light,


Audra English

High Priestess of Life Spirits Society Of Magick

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