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Ring Of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse ~ The Currents of Dramatic Change Burn In The Sky!

By Audra English

Ring Of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse ~ The Currents of Dramatic Change Burn In The Sky!

On this upcoming Saturday, we will be undergoing an incredible Ring of Fire, New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in the Americas.

Here in Central Texas, we have an opportunity to be fully under the path of this incredible cosmic moment of transformation and new beginnings. Everything is lining up for us... literally!!

Just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of death and despair, this Ring of Fire Eclipse brings with it the chance to be reborn and to leave the past pain and hardships behind. There is always magickal events that take place during an eclipse, however with Pluto going direct on the 10:10 Portal on Oct 10th and Friday the 13th happening the day prior, we are being lead to an opportunity to create a real cosmic catalysis for change.

Eclipses mark the passage of time and usher in important new beginnings and ends on a personal and societal level. On top of the signs of rebirth this week, this month, there will be two eclipses, which will bring in a period of great change for many of us. The first one will take place on the 14th, and the second one will take place on the 28th. Eclipse season begins two weeks before a sequence of eclipses and continues for two weeks following the last eclipse in the series.

The regions of the planet that are able to see an eclipse are those that will be subject to the greatest magickal influence as a result of the phenomenon. Therefore, having us cast for you while we are directly under the energy of the Ring of Fire gives you the benefit of having it knock at your door as if it was occurring directly above you, no matter where you geologically located currently.

The lunar eclipse on the 14th will take place in the sign of Libra. Themis, the goddess of marriage, is associated with Libra in Greek mythology. She is seen doing so while wearing a blindfold and holding the scales. The energy of Libra is characterized by a strong focus on maintaining equilibrium, as well as on diplomacy, fairness, justice, and the truth.

Not only is Libra the sign that best exemplifies heavenly law and order, but it is also the natural ruler of the seventh house, which is the astrological house that is related with marriage and partnerships (including commercial partnerships and clientele). We are about to get very personal with our deepest desires and connections over the next several weeks!

With so many signs of karma, justice, luck, love and balance occurring just in this week alone, this is the climax of a week full of energy being given to us to use for our greater good both personally and collectively.

As a result of this, there are going to be significant changes taking place in your life. It is of the highest significance that you concentrate on the changes that you want to take place for you and decide to be proactive in working alongside the Universe to grant you those changes. This will prevent you from playing a game of chance and letting the fates roll the dice in your favor.

Fairness, justice, and the truth are all topics that have a high likelihood to arise during the course of the following month. Anything that has been concealed under the surface has the potential to become exposed. It is probable that you can refute lies. It is critically important for us to recognize the areas in our own lives and views where we are biased, to take a step back, and to examine the situation in an unbiased manner.

If you have the Sun, Moon, Rising, or North Node in Libra, you are going to feel the effects of this eclipse quite intensely. Because it's happening with the south node, events from the past have the potential to repeat themselves. Try to remember those previously encountered problems and patterns as they may rear their heads again, and use that awareness to guide you toward more fruitful decision-making this time around. Awareness is key!

Eclipses are the most potent of all astronomical occurrences; they present us with an opportunity for of some of the most consequential and extensive personal shifts particularly if they occur at crucial junctures in our natal charts.

The period of time just before an eclipse can make us feel anxious, as if we can sense that a significant event is about to take place. It is possible for us to experience dread, agitation, paranoia, or simple anxiety for no apparent cause.

It is of the utmost importance to take it easy right now. Commit to taking care of yourself and avoid taking any significant risks. Imagine this as the pinnacle of yin time: a time to rest, reconnect with the people you care about, spend more time at home, unwind, and appreciate the changing of the seasons.

This week, take it easy, rest, and relax. Be cautious when it comes to your thoughts and focus on what you do want instead of fearing or being anxious of worst case scenarios since we don't want you to accidentally use eclipse energy to manifest your fears. Make sure you focus on what you want to the point that you feel almost ridiculous at all the happy fantasies you're conjuring up for yourself!

Ancient astrology cautioned people to be mindful of their ideas during eclipses since the effects of such thoughts may be permanent. This is why spellwork is highly recommended during this time.

Take this weekend off to reflect on your life, write in a notebook, consult tarot cards, participate in rituals, spells and sleep. You deserve the doors of opportunities this eclipse has in store for you, so be mindful to walk through them while they are open. You will emerge from this experience stronger and more resilient.

Light & Love,


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