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The April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: Rituals, Magick, & Manifestation During This Once-In-A-Lifetime Event.

By Audra English

On April 8th, North America will experience a total solar eclipse. Since we are in Austin, Texas, our coven is right in the path of 100% totality. To say that we are excited is quite an understatement.  

Us witches are known for using lunar cycles, astrology, and magick to manifest our goals and wishes. For anyone, being in the path of a total solar eclipse is a HUGE once-in-a-lifetime event. For witches however, this is the kind of stuff we dream and fantasize about. We know how absolutely powerful and rare this event is, so you better believe, we intend to use it to manifest everything on our wish list. Hopefully you’ll take note, because I’m going to give you some of the tools so you can do the same for yourself! 

To use an eclipse in your magick will help you grow personally and spiritually by harnessing the power and magick of the cosmos. This solar eclipse is also extra exciting because it happens to be in the sign of Aries which is ruled by Mars and points to rapid and intense manifestation. So take heed… this also means you can manifest the things you don’t want in a big way if you catch yourself thinking and dwelling on them at the present moment. For the love of all things holy, please make sure you are focusing on your dreams, desires, and goals right now!! Happy thoughts only for the next week! This energy is THAT serious. 

Right now, you have a powerful opportunity to manifest your deepest dreams. You can create life long changes and shifts to give yourself and your loved ones the life you’ve always hoped to live. Anything and everything is on the table when we harness the powerful energy of a total solar eclipse. This is why so many are both amazed and fear the power of such an event.

Use the energy of the solar eclipse to help increase your vibration and increase your power of manifestation:

  1. Set Clear Intentions: Before the eclipse, spend time reflecting on what you truly desire. Write down your intentions or goals in a journal. Be as specific as possible, focusing on what you want to bring into your life.

  2. Eclipse Meditation: Meditate during the eclipse, focusing on your breath and the sensations within your body. Visualize your intentions as already fulfilled, feeling the emotions associated with achieving your dreams.

  3. Create a Vision Board: A vision board can be a powerful tool to visualize your goals. During the eclipse, assemble images, words, and items that represent your aspirations. Place it somewhere you will see daily.

  4. Ritual and Ceremony: Perform a simple ritual or ceremony by lighting a candle, perhaps in a color that corresponds to your intention (e.g., green for growth, red for passion). Recite your intentions aloud, and visualize them being carried into the universe.

  5. Nature Connection: Spend time in nature during the eclipse, grounding yourself. Feel your connection to the earth and the cosmos, acknowledging that you are part of a larger, interconnected universe.

  6. Release and Let Go: Write down habits, beliefs, or fears that no longer serve you on a piece of paper. Safely burn the paper during the eclipse as a symbolic release, making space for new growth.

  7. Eclipse Water: Place a container of water outside during the eclipse to charge it with the eclipse's energy. Use this water for rituals, watering plants, or as a symbolic drink to imbibe the eclipse's power.

  8. Crystal Charging: Place crystals or stones outside during the eclipse to charge them with its energy. Choose crystals that align with your intentions, such as citrine for abundance or amethyst for spiritual growth.

  9. Affirmations: Write or recite positive affirmations that align with your dreams and desires. Do this during the eclipse, focusing on the feelings of already having achieved your goals.

  10. Community Gathering: Join or organize a gathering with like-minded individuals to share intentions and perform group meditations or rituals. The collective energy can amplify your individual intentions.

If you want to try your hand at some magick, here are a few spells you can try for yourself during the solar eclipse:

Eclipse of Abundance Invocation


  • A green candle (for prosperity)

  • Gold coins or symbols of wealth

  • Bay leaves (for success)

  • Pen and paper


  1. On the eve of the eclipse, set your space with the green candle at the center, surrounded by the gold coins and bay leaves.

  2. Write your financial desires on the paper, focusing on abundance and prosperity.

  3. Light the candle, envisioning its flame igniting the flow of wealth into your life.

  4. Recite: "As the shadow passes, wealth flows in, abundant and free, prosperity begins."

  5. Leave the candle to burn safely down, carrying your intentions into the universe.

Shadow to Light Self-Love Awakening


  • A pink candle (for love)

  • Rose quartz crystal (for self-compassion)

  • Rose petals (for kindness)


  1. Arrange the rose petals in a circle, placing the pink candle and rose quartz at the center.

  2. Light the candle, reflecting on qualities you love about yourself and areas where you seek growth and forgiveness.

  3. Recite: "With this light, I see myself clear, I embrace my strengths, my love, my fear."

  4. Hold the rose quartz, feeling its energy of unconditional love filling you.

  5. Let the candle burn down, symbolizing the strengthening of self-love.

Eclipse of Harmonious Restoration Health Spell 


  • A blue candle (for healing)

  • Eucalyptus leaves (for purification)

  • Clear quartz (for overall well-being)


  1. Surround the blue candle with eucalyptus leaves, placing the clear quartz in front.

  2. Light the candle, focusing on vitality, strength, and healing energies.

  3. Recite: "Health of body, mind, soul, unite, eclipse brings healing with its light."

  4. Visualize the candle's flame as a beacon of healing, radiating through you.

  5. Allow the candle to fully burn, anchoring health and well-being into your life.

Solar Pathway to Fortune Luck Spell


  • A gold or yellow candle (for luck)

  • Clover leaves or horseshoe symbol (for traditional luck)

  • Citrine crystal (for positive energy)


  1. Place the clover or horseshoe symbol next to the candle, with the citrine crystal close by.

  2. As you light the candle, focus on channels of luck opening in your life.

  3. Recite: "Fortune's wheel turns in my favor, blessings flow, my luck does not waver."

  4. Visualize each flame flicker as a spark of good luck and opportunity.

  5. Let the candle burn down, casting your spell for luck into the universe.

Solar Beam of Euphoria Happiness Spell


  • A white or silver candle (for happiness and joy)

  • Sunflower petals (for positivity and light)

  • Amethyst crystal (for inner peace and happiness)


  1. Arrange the sunflower petals around the candle, placing the amethyst crystal at its base.

  2. Light the candle, envisioning happiness and joy filling your life, amplified by the solar eclipse's energy.

  3. Recite: "As the eclipse transforms day to night, my heart opens to joy and light."

  4. Feel the warmth of the candle and the solar eclipse bringing waves of happiness and peace.

  5. Leave the candle to burn down completely, sealing the spell for happiness.

Engage with these spells in a space of calm and focus, allowing the unique energies of the solar eclipse to amplify your intentions. Remember, the key to effective spellwork is belief, intention, and a deep connection with the energies you're invoking.

No matter what you plan to do for yourself and others during this powerful solar eclipse, make sure you make lasting memories, have fun, and celebrate all the amazing celestial events that we are lucky enough to behold and cherish during this lifetime. 

Blessed Be,


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