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What June's New Moon In Gemini Means For You.

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

On June 17th & 18th, the ever-mysterious New Moon rises when the sun and moon align in perfect synchrony. This astrological phenomenon ignites our innermost desires and propels us towards a path of fresh starts and new beginnings. This New Moon represents the beginning of a new chapter. Will you harness its mystical powers?

Under the spell of the New Moon, the stars align in the wondrous and playful sign of Gemini. This mystical event illuminates our communication and thirst for knowledge, beckoning us to unleash our creativity and explore new intellectual horizons. How long have you awaited this transformation, gathering your senses in patient preparation? Now is the time to release your mind and let the fresh breeze of inspiration inspire your endeavors. Embrace the joy of independent thought and the magical connections that blossom when you find your like-minded peers. Revel in the multifaceted beauty of life and all the wonders it has to offer.

Currently, the planet Neptune graces our New Moon, presenting us with the possibility to attain lofty goals. Banish all doubts and hesitation and embrace the power of positivity. The universe is listening to your intentions, so focus on cultivating the courage to manifest your dreams. Believe that the world is yours for the taking and set forth on your journey to greatness.

Behold, the mystical power that the New Moon will have on your sign:


Oh fiery Aries, for the mystical stars have a message for you. Your words hold great power. Offer your thoughts with tenderness, free from excessive emotion or bluster. Speak from your heart without the need for dramatics or shouting, and others will understand your perspective. By doing so, your loved ones will see the truth in your words. Allow the magic of calm conversation to guide you towards unity and understanding. Your loved ones long for a peaceful exchange with you.


Oh, majestic Taurus, the mysterious realm of wealth and prosperity beckons your attention. As you gaze upon the alluring path of investment, remember to heed caution and arm yourself with the knowledge of every minutia. For it is through this careful discernment that you shall make your choice with divine wisdom. Trust in the power of the details to guide you towards wise decisions.


Dear mercurial Gemini, you are so selfless and always putting others before yourself. But alas, you feel drained and empty. Fear not, for the New Moon offers a mystical chance to replenish your inner wellspring with uplifting energies. Embrace this auspicious occasion to recharge, rejuvenate, and revitalize your spirit.


Cancer, you are the subject of gossip, but do not fret. Embrace it and let it flow. Release your worries and anxieties, put on your crown and move forward with pride and confidence. You do not need to engage in frivolous arguments. Instead, allow the mystical energy of the universe to guide you towards inner peace and clarity. Let the naysayers fade into the background as you rise above, shining in the light of your own brilliance.


Noble Leo, the boundaries that separate you from your friends are fading away. But fear not, for you hold the power to draw the line. Let no one take advantage of your immense kindness and generosity. Claim your space and be the master of your own destiny. Set limits, mark your territory, and show the world that you are not to be trifled with.


Graceful Virgo, the promised promotion or opportunity may seem to elude you, but do not fret. Instead, seek clarity from the universe. Have faith, as everything unfolds in its divine timing. Your rise to success will come at the perfect moment, and all will fall into place at the right time. Trust the mystical forces at work.


Libra, seeker of harmony and justice. Though temptation calls to expose your wayward companion, offer them the opportunity to acknowledge their missteps because a divine opportunity lies ahead for them. If they are able to experience the enlightenment of their mistakes, their apology shall be your triumph. Trust in the cosmic balance, and take the noble path to victory.


Scorpio, the cosmic winds have been turbulent for you lately, haven't they? Fear not, for this New Moon poses as your opportunity to strengthen your foundation. The energy may feel unsteady, but trust in your power to set boundaries and make clear plans for the future. The universe is urging you forward, take the leap and allow yourself to soar.


Dear Sagittarius, do not forget that even the strongest love requires tending. So, when those challenging days rear their ugly head, you'll be fortified. Revel in the enchantment of a fun-filled date night with your beloved to forge a profounder connection. This bond shall bring forth an alchemical transformation, radiating growth and prosperity in your divine partnership.


Behold, dear Capricorn, for the forces of fate may stir some subtle turbulence within the realm of your labor. The atmosphere shall sway, and the workflow may falter. However, do not surrender to the gloom that lurks in the hearts of others. Instead, heed the guidance of the stars and maintain your grace. Should a quarrel ignite, withdraw from the fray to evade strife that serves no purpose. Trust in the higher power that guides you, and all shall be resolved in accordance with destiny.


Oh, dear Aquarius, the cosmos are beckoning you out of your cozy winter retreat and back into the vibrant world of social interactions. As you venture forth, you may initially feel timid, but fear not! Soon enough, you'll shed your shell and delve into lively conversations with like-minded souls. Just take a deep breath and allow yourself a moment to acclimate to the bustling energy of a crowded room. The stars have aligned in your favor – embrace the magick of this moment.


Mystical Pisces, the cosmos have aligned to bring forth a favorable time for you to revive your home's aura. But beware, dear one, for the temptation to seek counsel from a trusted friend may lead you astray. Their taste may differ from yours, causing conflict and confusion. Seek out another with peacemaking skills to bring balance to your decor journey. Let the stars guide you towards a harmonious middle ground.

We will be doing our New Moon Boost this weekend! We will also clear and revive your energy, getting you ready to accept all the blessings and manifestations you're asking for, from this New Moon!

If you're interested in the New Moon Boost, please find it HERE.

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