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June 2021 Cosmic Energy Report

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We have so much going on in the month of June. I thought it would be appropriate to give everyone the cosmic low down. Especially as it would not be unusual for some of you to feel as if you got caught up in a bi-polar episode with every emotion you can think of sprinkled in between. This will help you understand these intense emotions and help you use these cosmic events to your benefit.


Retrograde Season

We have a plethora of planetary retrogrades going on. Lets go through them and break everything down, so that you will understand what this means for you.

Mercury Retrograde: Started May 29th and goes direct on June 22nd

Jupiter Retrograde: Starts June 20th and goes direct on October 18th

Saturn Retrograde: Started May 23rd and goes direct on October 11th

Neptune Retrograde: Starts June 25th and goes direct on December 1st

Pluto Retrograde: Started April 27th and goes direct on October 6th

Here is what these retrograde planets are associated with:

Mercury: Communication, Logic, Electronics, & Travel

Jupiter: Luck, Prosperity, Career, Growth, & Philosophy

Saturn: Karma, Limitations, Law, Rules, Boundaries, & Practicality

Neptune: Idealism, Compassion, Dreams, Imagination, & Creativity

Pluto: Our shadow self (our dark side), Transformation, Death, Unpredictability, & Power

So, when a planet is going Rx (the abbreviation for being retrograde in case you ever wondered about that in any of your calendars) everything that planet is associated with, will be effected. It's not necessarily a bad thing though. There are benefits to retrogrades IF we know how to use them appropriately.

Here are some things to avoid and work on while we are going through each retrograde:

Mercury Retrograde:

It is very common for communication to go haywire, small mistakes to occur, and most definitely misunderstandings between people. Anything connected to travel and electronics is also more likely to have issues during this time. A lot of us will notice people from our past that will pop up out of the blue since this is also a time to put things to rest that are still energetically affecting us. It is important to avoid conflict as much as possible during this time, especially between you and the people you care about since the chances for miscommunication and misunderstandings are incredibly high. It is much easier to wait for a better time to discuss something important and emotionally charged than to have to repair the damage that can occur if you have that conversation at this time. So if you can, wait. If you have to sign contracts or start new projects, go over everything with a fine tooth comb or try to put it off till after Mercury goes direct. This is a good time to do research, plan and set new goals for later on. It is also a good time to find spiritual and emotional resolution by accepting apologies you never received and clearing out all the emotional smog connected to those people that are no longer in your life.

Jupiter Retrograde:

Your intuition will be on point at this time so LISTEN to it! You will get into trouble if you ignore what your gut is telling you during a Jupiter retrograde. This is a good time to stop and listen to what you are feeling about a person or a situation. Our instincts are ignored constantly and we are not taught how to listen to our inner voice. This gives you the opportunity to slow down and use another one of your very necessary senses to guide you. Jupiter is also connected to luck. When you are given an opportunity, make sure you take that leap! Do not settle for less than you deserve, especially when it comes to your career or relationships. Luck is on your side so make sure you are using your gut instincts and only accept what you know you deserve. You will notice more abundance and financial windfalls during a Jupiter retrograde BUT don't let that make you careless with money or overindulge. Make sure you are putting some of that aside for a rainy day while still appreciating and enjoying the extra luck that comes from a Jupiter retrograde. It is also important not to start any new projects since this is a period of re-evaluation. We are told to look at what we are currently doing and take inventory of ourselves. This is a magical time of growth, renewal, and luck so use this time to thrive and enjoy what you have in your life right now since it will help propel you forward once it is time to start those new projects. This is a very lucky retrograde (thank goodness!) so use it as your consolation prize to having to put up with the others.

Saturn Retrograde:

It is time for a major re-evaluation of your priorities, relationships, and commitments. You are who you spend your time around. It is time to make sure you clear out anyone who is a waste of your time and energy. Friend lists online should be evaluated and cleared out. Anyone who is sucking your energy away from you needs to be let go of, or at the very least, put on a shelf with healthy boundaries you've set. This is not a time for conflict, but a time for you to redesign who YOU want to be. It is a time to really focus on not taking the relationships you appreciate for granted and instead strengthening those bonds with your loved ones. You may also find people need to take some space away from you. Obey and respect those boundaries while you take that time apart to work on yourself without resentment or grief. Those who are meant to be with you, will be. So keep up that faith while being productive. Since Saturn rules karma, make sure you are on your best behavior and follow the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is a good philosophy for how you conduct your life in general, but right now it is especially important. We can all work on ourselves to be better people, so this is a great moment to really spend time on focusing on what we need to do to fix our own moral defects.

Neptune Retrograde:

Just like with the Jupiter retrograde, a Neptune retrograde enhances your intuition. So you will be getting a double dose of your instincts being on point, which is awesome. Use this time wisely and listen to what your gut instinct tells you. Neptune also rules your dreams. You are more likely to get inspiration and messages from the outer world while day dreaming or sleeping. Keep a notebook on you to write down any thoughts of inspiration you get and keep a dream journal by your bed to write down what your dreams are telling you. The messages you will receive at this time will be very important to your goals, dreams and success later on. You'll regret not writing them down to interpret later on. Your emotions will be heightened at this time, so make sure you embrace them. For some of us (most of us!) it is common to use substance to numb high emotions since society hasn't taught or allowed us to embrace them. When you have these intense emotions, use this time to learn to embrace them and instead of numbing them. I recommend using the help of a friend or therapist to inspire an emotional breakthrough. It is the time to talk about your feelings and to get used to embracing them.

Pluto Retrograde:

Pluto is the planet that deals with subjects that are a little “taboo” in our current culture. We are called to take a deep look at our subconscious, our psyche, and transformation. Shadow work is very important and necessary at this time. Pluto likes to destroy anything that is not authentic. Right now, we will be dealing with some very important and possibly difficult truths about ourselves. We have a lot of energy work we will be called to do. Own up to the deepest and darkest parts of yourself and own the bits of you that you tend to hide. This is a moment to be empowered and to accept your truths. You are looking for a spiritual evolution and until you see and accept the parts of yourself you're not proud of, you wont be able to change and grow from them. Make sure you are patient with yourself because real change takes time. This is the moment to evaluate and get to know yourself before you can implement those changes.


First Eclipses of 2021

We already saw a lunar eclipse take place last month during the super moon, but this month we actually get a solar eclipse on the new moon. Anytime we get a lunar eclipse on the full moon, we will get a solar eclipse on following new moon.

We will get 4 eclipses this year, with the other two happening in November and December.

June 10th we will have the first solar eclipse of the year and this one happens to be an annulus eclipse. It is also known as “the ring of fire” since the outer rim of the sun is not fully obstructed from view. So it is technically a partial eclipse, but a lot more dramatic than your typical partial eclipse.

This solar eclipse and new moon is happening in Gemini (which of course is going on during the Mercury retrograde... Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini) so be prepared for even more emotions and anxiety coming your way!

This opens up a new eclipse portal that will be open to us through 2022. Our creative energy will be on FIRE (kind of mimicking the energy from the ring of fire) so we will be able to use our heightened creativity and emotions to create the most amazing works of art, books, poetry, songs and anything else that requires this special energy and talent. This whole year will allow those creative juices to flow, so please use it to channel your feelings into new projects.

The biggest shifts might come in our relationships, for better or for worse. So again, keep a close eye on conversations and misunderstandings between you and people you truly care about and allow yourself to be open minded to new friendships and partnerships that pop up. There might be a new person coming into your life you might have not expected and this partnership could be very rewarding. Look forward to the possibilities and new beginnings a new moon brings into our lives.

This is a time to really focus on being grounded. With so many emotionally charged feelings popping up, it is a good idea to have a game plan to help with that anxiety and unfocused thoughts that can occur at this time. Meditation, soaking in the tub with some bath salts, sage smoking, walking outside barefoot, and using brown, black, and gray crystals can help ground us. So take some time to build a little grounding kit to use when you are feeling you need to come down to Earth and focus your energy on the here and now once again.

A solar eclipse symbolizes exponential growth and rapid change. A new moon symbolizes new beginnings, realignment, and rebirth. You are being given an opportunity to manifest goals that hit right to the heart of what you want to manifest for your happiness and soul purpose. Take some time before the actual eclipse and try to figure out what these things are for you. What would make your soul satisfied in this life? What would make you happy or happier? What is your purpose for being put on this planet at this time? It is the perfect time to re-evaluate all of these questions and then to use the solar eclipse and new moon to speak to the universe for help and guidance to achieve these dreams.

Since the Moon will conjunct (combines energy with) Mercury, this also tells us we are a lot more likely to emotionally feel bonded to the relationships and people important to us at this time. You'll also be able to start a good emotional foundation with any new people coming into your life right now as well. Feelings can be more easily shared, but still make sure you keep in mind we are going through the heart of a Mercury retrograde, so we still want to make sure we are open with our feelings yet mindful of possible misunderstandings.


Portals Opening in June

We already talked about the eclipse portal that will open up on the 10th, but we have several new energy portals that will usher in new energy and change for us. Here are those important dates and what they mean:

June 10th - Solar Eclipse Portal:

This new creative energy will be with us through 2022 and will give us the ability to channel all these emotions and energy into new businesses, new projects, new art, and new ideas. For as much stress and energy we've all collectively gone through over the last year and a half, this is the perfect portal to open up to us because we are all hoarding all these emotions and this creative energy gives us something productive and beautiful to use them on.

June 11th- Heart Chakra Portal:

The chakra connected to love opens, bringing healing and peace to us in our relationships (romantic, family, and friendships). It will also help those of us still looking for our soul mate or twin flame, be a lot more likely to connect with them at this time. This also gives us an open mind and empathy to allow new people to come into our lives and healing to take place over the heartbreak and losses we've experienced over the past year. Our soul is being renewed and cleared of emotional smog.

June 16th – Ascension Completion Portal:

At the beginning of the Scorpio super full moon (April's full moon) a lot of us started to go through a huge energy shift. This caused us to go through high emotions, anxiety and an overall feeling we needed to make changes in our life, because we were uncomfortable with the status-quo. If you were one of these people, this energy shift occurring at the end of April will sound familiar to you. This energy portal will be affecting you the most. You will finally start to feel more grounded with more clarification surrounding your feelings as new doors open for you. This completes the ascension cycle that was also started in 2012. This is a very important portal to many of us that have had a hard decade. This is a time to reflect back on and to appreciate the lessons we've learned over the last 10 years or so.

June 20th- Soul Blue Print Portal:

New blue prints will be downloaded cosmically to activate many new soul missions. If you have been feeling like you've lost direction with what you want in your life and are not satisfied with your current line of work or soul mission, you are one of those souls that has been called from the universe to be designated with a new soul mission for healing and protecting this world and all the inhabitants in it. So this is a beautiful calling. Listen closely to what you're being inspired to do and make sure you draw up a plan to implement it so that you can take action when you're called to do this amazing soul work.

June 26th- Eclipse Alignment Portal:

This is when the eclipse energy finally settles down so that the changes they inspired can start to affect us on a huge level. We are being realigned at a pace that we are not used to so it can cause some high emotions (especially since the June full moon is a couple days prior to this portal opening.) Allow yourself to surrender into it. Just like when you go to a chiropractor to be re-aligned, you have to relax and melt into the adjustments because being tense and fighting it can actually cause more damage and prevent you from healing. So look at this adjustment in the same type of light. It might be uncomfortable, but it is for your healing and for the healing of the entire collective consciousness of our society.

June 28th- Abundance Portal:

It is like with the Jupiter retrograde. We are getting a consolation prize for going through so many emotions and soul changes with a grand prize of luck and abundance. This is one of those very exciting portals that open us up to intense manifestation when it comes to abundance in all forms, but especially financial windfalls. So use this moment to ask the universe for everything you feel you need in order to feel totally and completely abundant in your life. Think of the universe as a catalog operator and call in your order.


In conclusion

June is a month that carries incredible energy with it and with that incredible energy comes incredible opportunities. This is a good time to get familiar with all retrogrades (not just the dreaded Mercury retrograde) and energy portals. Many of us are influenced by this energy on a daily basis. The more you learn what is going on, the more you can use it to your advantage and design the life you want instead of just being a victim to circumstances. As you can see, not all retrogrades are a bad thing, and you actually benefit quite a bit from the changes they bring with them.

So, take this time to really focus on giving yourself a little extra TLC. Stay grounded when you need it. Focus on what your gut instincts are telling you. Have an open mind when dealing new people and ideas. And of course, use that excess creative energy to make something beautiful that really speaks to who you are, because the world needs more of you and the beauty you can give us. You were put here at this time for a reason, so you are meant to use your energy to shine!

Please feel free to get in touch with me at anytime if you have any questions about what is going on and how it affects you, especially if you're confused on what to do with all of this information but want to use this time wisely. I do coaching consultations which will help you go over your life path and spiritual goals. If you really want to get into this in depth, we can set something up so we can use this information to benefit you immensely.

Light & Love,


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