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Are you a little shy, or just not wanting to make the first move? Maybe you are so sick of trying to get your target's attention that you just want them to do all the work for once.


This spell is designed to make your target come to you and initiate a relationship in a pretty big way!


We will compel your target to chase after you and do any and everything to gain your attention and affection.


This spell will ensure that your target is always thinking about you and is in agony without you in their presence. They will not only want you, they'll need you!


Audra and James wrote this spell together and will include blood magick in it. This spell is seriously powerful, so only get if you're ready and willing to get annoyed by the amount of attention you're about to receive from your target!


Please fill out this questionnaire and send to Robin at or put the answers in the box provided. If available, please send pictures of both you and your target.


Your Full Name:

Your Date of Birth:

Your Target's Name (Full Name If Possible):

Your Target's Date of Birth (If Known):

Please List Any History Between You & Your Target:

Are You Willing To Be Patient, Positive, And Give Your Spell Time To Work:

Any Other Information You Feel We Need:


Black Magick Get Off Your Ass And Chase Me Spell

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