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This talisman carries the spirit of Erzulie who is the Voodoo Loa of Love, Beauty and Passion.


It is said that the Goddess will offer true love, incredible beauty, and immense passion to those who wear her talisman and gift her offerings. A offering to her can be as simple as a spray of perfume on your person while wearing your talisman. 


This talisman is concave which allows Audra to add the herbs, crystals, a petition, hair and nail samples, and anything else left over from your spell to your talisman. She will seal up in resin before sending out to you. It literally is a wearable spell that carries immense power with it.


The image below is an example of what the talisman looks like after the left over spell materials are captured in resin. This is Audra's personal Erzulie talisman, so yours will not look exactly like this one, but will be customized to you individual needs and requests.


When we do your spell on your talisman, we will bind it directly to you and ask for it to do anything and everything you ask of it.  Please make sure you let me know your full name, date of birth, if you have a target in mind, please send their information as well, and if possible, send in a picture for us to use on our alter. Please also let us know what you intend to do with this talisman so we can customize it even better for you. Email this information to with your order number. 

If you'd like to send in some hair or other biological samples before we do your spell, we can use those as well.


This is a very powerful spell and talisman so please make sure you respect the energy that will come with it!

Erzulie, Voodoo Loa of Love & Beauty with Customized Resin Back

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