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This is probably one of Robin's favorite spells to do, so she has agreed to help out with any order we get of the soul marriage even though she's semi retired. So if you still want Robin involved in your spellwork while also getting one of our most powerful love spells, this is the right one for you.


What a soul marriage essentially is, is a marriage between your soul and the soul of a person of your choice. This means that you and this other person will be bound in a marriage between your souls which is telling the universe you and this person are bound for time and eternity. You are telling the Universe “this is my person.” This is to announce that you want to be with this person in life and even when you two pass on so that you can continue to be with them in heaven or in other future lives. You are letting the universe know to make sure you and this other person always will be together. This also ensures this other person can't be with anyone else but you. Their soul will be linked to your soul. This is why this is really the most potent love spell we offer.


When you order this ritual, we will do your soul marriage for you and your target on a special day that Robin will cast only for you two that whole day. We will send you your special marriage charm with your spell on it to carry around as a token of your commitment to that other person and a special “Soul Marriage” license with both of your names on it and signed by the High Priest, James the bokor, Robin, and Audra. You can keep your license in a special place or even a alter dedicated to your relationship with your soulmate.


Audra will start the night before by doing a Love Aura Cleanse on you both to get rid of any blocks or anything that could stall your results, then the day of your soul marriage, we will do a Love and Marriage Goddess ritual offering on behalf of you and your soulmate to really bring up the energy before your soul marriage. The Goddesses will be your witnesses and will bring gifts in the form of blessings and manifestation of your relationship and soul marriage.


When we do your soul marriage (which will last for several hours) we have a list of spiritual ingredients and commands we will use and ask for on your behalf from the Universe. We will essentially exchange vows between you, your soulmate, AND the Universe. This list is our main focus, but it can change to fit your situation better as this is a completely customized ritual:


  • Sooth and get rid of any negative emotions that you both are carrying from past relationships into this current situation

  • Help you both develop a positive and healthy relationship together

  • Enhance communication between you both

  • Make him or her constantly think about you romantically

  • Encourage genuine love between you

  • Make your soul husband/wife obsessed with the thought of being with you

  • Encourage your soul husband/wife to act on their feelings towards you

  • Find happiness together

  • Stop any arguments that are happening now or in the future

  • Call upon help from several love and marriage Goddesses to bless your relationship and marriage

  • Influence your soul wife/husband through their dreams

  • Allow love to flow unblocked

  • Encourage fun, happiness and joy between you

  • Calm nerves, over sensitivity, and tension

  • Facilitate emotional expression

  • Enhance sexual attraction to one another

  • Promote faithfulness and get rid of any rivals

  • Calm excessive and damaging emotions

  • Sooth any memories tied to negative situations from the past between you both

  • Give you both a fresh start between each other if you need it

  • Enhance rationality and emotional understanding

  • Promote peace and tranquility

  • Help recognize and fix destructive patterns in the relationship

  • Promote passionate sexual experiences between you both


Please make sure you let us know the relationship between you and your soul mate and if you are wanting to be married in love or married in friendship. Also please let us know if you intend for this to be your only soul marriage for you or the other person so I can seal it if need be. The benefit of this is that you can make sure the other person can not be soul married to anyone but you and or vise versa.


We will have both the High Priest and High Priestess standing in proxy for your marriage and our very own bokor James marrying us in your name.


After placing your order,  please read and reference the FAQ page to help you understand your part in your magick for best results.


Please send the answers to these questions to if you don't answer them here along with any pictures after placing your order.


Your questionnaire:

1. Your full name?

2. Birth date?

3. What is the name of the person whom you want to be soul married to?

Please list their full name if possible.

4. What is their birth date if known?

5. What is your relationship like with this person right now? Please also list any history, how you met, and anything else that might help us out.

6. What are you hoping to achieve with this spell? What type of relationship are you looking for?

7. Are you willing to be patient and positive so that this spell has time to become attached to your aura and to ultimately work?

8. Any other info you think we might need to know to help us with your spell? Anything that lets us get to know you better helps!


Forever Bound Soul Marriage Ritual and Spell

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