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This is a double sided talisman has the same image on both sides to double the results of the spellwork!


The Hexagram of Solomon is an ancient symbol sometimes called the Star of David. Solomon, the son of David and third King of Israel (10 BC) was a master magician who had authority over all the spirits as well as birds and beasts.

Consisting of two interacting equilateral triangles, the downward point represents the Spirit (masculine fire principle) and the upward point represents Matter (feminine water princple). The Spirit descends from above toward Matter to fashion and give it life, while Matter looks upward, receptively open to elaboration by the Spirit. Solomon's Seal is said to have been cut into the bezel of King Solomon's ring. It is a protective talisman to ward off negative or evil influences and to aid in attaining perfection.

These seals were inspired by the “Greater Key of Solomon”, a foundational grimoire of Western Esotericism that contains influences of Judaic mysticism/Kabbalah, Roman astrology and Hermetic alchemy.

“Every one knoweth in the present day that from time immemorial Solomon possessed knowledge inspired by the wise teachings of an angel, to which he appeared so submissive and obedient, that in addition to the gift of wisdom, which he demanded, he obtained with profusion all the other virtues; which happened in order that knowledge worthy of eternal preservation might not be buried with his body.” [The Greater Key of Solomon (1999), Liddell & Mathers]

This talisman should belong to anyone interested in learning about and using magick. It will empower the wearer with the knowledge, power, protection, and magick of Solomon!


When we do your spell on your talisman, we will bind it directly to you and ask for it to do anything and everything you ask of it.  Please make sure you let me know your full name, date of birth, and if possible, send in a picture for us to use on our alter. Please also let us know what you intend to do with this talisman so we can customize it even better for you. Email this information to with your order number. 


If you'd like to send in some hair or other biological samples before we do your spell, we can use those as well.


This is a very powerful spell and talisman so please make sure you respect the energy that will come with it!

Hexagram of Solomon Talisman for a master magician ~ Protection ~ Wisdom ~ Power

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