If you want to make sure everyone considers you the luckiest person they know because it just seems as if everything is always going your way, you will want this spell!


This is the perfect spell for you if any of these circumstances fit you:


  • Want to reverse bad karma and back luck to make sure your luck changes

  • Want to make sure you are one of the luckiest people in your social circle

  • Want to make sure when it comes to wealth and money, it always turns out in your favor

  • Have always wanted to be a lucky person

  • Want to be able to have the luck to influence things to always go your way

  • Want money to just flow freely to you

  • Want to have an extra edge when playing games of chance, the lotto, the casino, etc.

  • Want to make sure you are less likely to get speeding tickets, lawsuits, and anything else that could disrupt your cash flow

  • Want to make sure you are always the first person who is offered any opportunity

  • Want to almost manifest anything you desire of think of

  • Want be be able to attract other lucky people to ensure your social circle is full of positive energy and abundance

  • Have a business or work for commission and want to make sure money and clients flock to you



After placing your order, we will cast your spell on a charm which will be sent to you as soon as we are finished. You will receive a tracking number to let you know your spellwork went well and is on it's way to you. You will receive full instructions with your charm, but please read and reference the FAQ page to help you understand your part in your magick for best results.


Please send the answers to these questions to audra@lifespiritssocietyofmagick.com if you don't answer them here along with any pictures after placing your order.


Your questionnaire:


1. Your full name?

2. Birth date?

3. Please describe what you're looking to achieve with this spellwork?

4. Are you willing to let the spellwork get attached to your aura and use the law of attraction to ensure best results?

5. Any other info you think we might need to know to help us with your spell? Anything that lets us get to know you better helps!

Luck and Good Fortune Spell