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This spell and cleanse is done by Robin, Audra, and James to help remove any blocks you might have on your aura, chakras, karma, and heart that could be stopping you from having luck in love. Some of these blocks might be self induced from past bad experiences and expectations that are incorrect, some might be from past bad luck and bad karma, chakra blocks and they could even come from jealous people or ex's who do not want to see you happy. So this spell is designed to help take care of all those possible blocks.


Robin will do her spellwork specifically to help clear your aura and clear your heart from past hurts. She will help get rid of any self induced blocks.


Audra will be working on your chakras and helping unblock any chakras (especially the heart) which could be blocking you from connecting to your target.


James will be working on clearing off any any bad luck, bad karma, and jealous evil eyes off of you.


*Please keep in mind, you and your target could both have blocks, so it is suggested to get you both a cleanse if you feel your spells have gone stagnant and you're not seeing expected results.


Please fill out questionnaire and send to Robin at


Full Name:


Date of Birth:


What makes you believe you might have some love blocks (please list all feelings even if you might think it's not relevant or important):


Have you had a history of bad relationships or break ups, if so, please describe:


Have you ever felt you had bad luck in love:


Please make sure you send in a picture of yourself for this spell and cleanse as an attachment with the answers to the above questionnaire.


*Please note, nothing tangible comes in the mail with this spell. It is cast directly on you and/or your target!*

Master Cast Remove Love Blocks Spell and Cleanse

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