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This spell is perfect for you if:


  • You want your target to regret everything that happened between you two
  • You want them to know it was their fault and to allow themselves to stop being in denial of what they did to you
  • You want them to feel the pain they caused you
  • You want them to realize what they lost and what they did
  • You want them to feel complete agony for their decisions
  • You want them to wish they could turn back time and make another choice
  • You want to make sure they see the past as it really was and not just as they decided to look at it back then
  • You want them to admit to other people that they did you wrong
  • You want them to start taking the steps to make things right between you two
  • You want them to beg you for forgiveness and to genuinely feel sorry for their past words and actions
  • You want them to change that behavior since they now realize what it did to you
  • You want to use any means possible for them to try and reconcile with you
  • You want them to obsess over you and fixing things with you
  • You want them to feel your pain ten fold till you're ready to forgive them


After placing your order,  please read and reference the FAQ page to help you understand your part in your magick for best results.  


Please email me at with the answers to the questions below and send in a picture or two as well if you've got them.


Your Questionnaire:


1. Your full name?

2. Your date of birth?

3. Their full name (if known?)

4. Their birth date (if known?)

5. What did they do to you?

6. What was their reaction to hurting you?

7. Are you open to forgiving them and if so, what would it take?

8. What is your perfect outcome with this spell?

9. Are you willing to be patient and positive so that this spell has time to become attached to your aura and to ultimately work?

10. Any other info you think we might need to know to help us with your spell? Anything that lets us get to know you better helps!  


*Please note, nothing tangible comes in the mail with this spell. It is cast directly on you and/or your target!*

They're FULL of regret spell! Make them beg for your forgiveness!

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