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Virgo Full Moon Spell.

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Virgo Full Moon Spell.

To be done on the night of March 7th 2023.


White Candle



Charm or Crystal (Optional)

Spell Below

In a quiet space, write down what goals you'd like to achieve over the next season. Write anything and everything out, all your dreams and wishes are valid.

Put your candle in front of your list and light it.

Take a moment to really feel your list coming to life for you. Envision yourself achieving your goals and feel the feelings of accomplishment now.

After you're done reflecting on your list, read this spell out loud while holding your charm or crystal in your hand and allowing the spell to energetically penetrate the object:

“I call on the energy of Virgo.

Help me to focus on my dreams and goals with clarity and purpose.

Let my motivation be strong, letting go of any fear or doubt that holds me back from achieving success.

Let me have the courage to take action and trust in myself that I can accomplish what I set out to do.

Give me strength and confidence as I put one foot in front of the other, making small steps towards great life changes.

Guide me forward with determination and tenacity, allowing me to reach my highest potential.

So mote it be!”

Once you're done with your spell you can sit and meditate as long as you want to and then blow out your candle.

Put your list somewhere where you'll see it and focus on it daily. Go over it as soon as you wake up and before bed each day.

If you created a talisman with a charm or crystal, keep it on or around you and spend time working with it (meditate with it and envision your goals manifesting for you) daily or at least several times a week.

You can recite the spell above as any times as you'd like or daily if you feel comfortable doing so.

Enjoy the power of manifestation and crush those goals!

Light & Love,


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