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Why You Should Be Excited About The Lion's Gate Portal

We've been getting nervous because of all the retrogrades occurring (and about to occur), but now the Lions Gate Portal 2023 is almost here to provide us some much-needed good vibes and chance to change the direction of where our lives have been heading.

When the sun, Sirius, Orion's Belt, and Earth are in alignment, it is called the Lion's Gate Portal which is the strongest period in the cosmic year. Every year, between July 26 and August 12, this takes place. On August 8 (when the gateway is most potent), it reaches its pinnacle.

There is significant spiritual meaning in the number 8. Its form is similar to that of the infinity sign, and the number itself radiates happiness and prosperity. It's a symbol of our future wealth, good fortune, and success.

The eight day of August is a date associated with enlightenment, advancement, and accomplishment.

The Lion's Gate Portal gives us a chance to make our hopes and dreams manifest at the highest point of the alignment. This gateway enables us the chance to focus our energies on the kind of world we want to live in and the kind of future we want to establish for ourselves and those we love.

Sirius, a fixed star, is the brightest object in the sky. The ancient Greeks gave Sirius the name "Glowing" to describe its brilliance. As one among the most spiritual stars, it is believed to carry a heavenly light everywhere it goes.

This month, in the sector of our charts ruled by Leo, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to manifest on a very grand scale, especially with the other cosmic energy happening this month (ahem, the Double Supermoon!)

The ancient Egyptians revered Sirius as a significant star. The annual reappearance of this phenomenon coincided with the Nile's annual flooding. This was a pivotal moment for the locals, since spring meant the start of farming season and the return of good soil. In the current day, we may use this time to supercharge our manifestations and establish our goals.

Amplify the Lion's Gate Portal's Manifestation Potential with these rituals:

  • Write down your goals, then come up with a game plan for manifesting them. Use spellwork, the law of attraction, meditation, visualization, anything that helps you with your manifestations

  • Focus on your energy! Change your vibration by getting rid of what no longer serves you (perfect to put all these retrogrades to good use!) and clear out the mental, physical, social, and environmental clutter.

  • Come up with a new health and fitness routine. Focus on your body and health. Give yourself some self love. Get those endorphin going!

  • Get into some water. Swim, take ritual baths, cold showers, anything to clam your energy and cool you down in the heart of summer.

  • Find out what you were meant to do with your life. Let the star of Sirus guide you and help you realize your path.

  • Spend time with those you love. Snuggle, kiss, cuddle, and get your oxytocin fix!

  • Focus on what you're thankful for! Gratitude will move mountains for you, so make sure you are raising your vibration by sending thank you notes to the universe by practicing gratitude.

Use your creative energy where Leo dominates your horoscope to manifest everything you desire during this Lion's Gate Portal. By determining in which sector of your horoscope Leo resides, you may direct your energy there. Even while this gateway amplifies your manifestations in every area of your life, it shines brightest in the realm over which Leo reigns. Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, this is a very potent area of your life.

Check your rising sign below to find out what areas of your life Leo controls. This place is our kingdom. It's the point on the horoscope where we have the most power and authority, and the most potential for success. It's an area in which we excel. It also reveals the domain in which we may best display our strength and elegance... It's where our lion's heart may shine and make a difference. If you do not know what your Ascendant or Rising Sign is, you can figure it out here:

With your Rising Sign in hand, find out what you should focus your energy on during this upcoming Lion's Gate Portal:

ARIES – Leo is your 5th House. Focus on manifesting love, romance, marriage, and even starting a family.

The Lion's Gate will give you the boost you need to finally get things done. You'll feel ready to take on any obstacle in your path. Get going on the thing you've been putting off right now. Alternatively, you may work up the courage to finally ask for that raise. Now is the moment to try something new.

TAURUS – Leo is your 4th House. Focus on manifesting anything to do with your home and heart.

You are a tenacious individual who refuses to back down. During The Lion's Gate Portal, your perseverance will undoubtedly bear fruit. This is a moment of great prosperity for you. Make the most of this opportunity to create the life you've always imagined for yourself.

GEMINI – Leo is your 3rd House. Write your manifestations and goals down. Use the power of writing and words to manifest your dreams!

The dynamic force of the universe will motivate you to delve deeply into your chosen fields of interest. Make the most of your time by pursuing your passions. Now is an excellent moment to put your talents in language and other forms of expression to use. Describe your recent experiences in a journal.

CANCER – Leo is your 2nd House. Focus on you and your needs right now! If you would like to live a life of comfort and luxury, manifest wealth and happiness.

Cancer, take a moment to focus on what you really want and need. You tend to put other people's needs before your own, but now is a great moment to focus on your own. Allow yourself to be moved by your emotions, and allow your imagination run wild. As a result of this cosmic occurrence, you will have a deeper appreciation for self-care.

LEO – Leo is your 1st House. Focus on manifesting your wildest dreams, you are center stage right now!

You will feel especially potent because the Lion's Gate occurs during your season. You are free to pursue whatever it is you want. You'll feel a burst of inspiration and the impulse to create something magnificent for the enjoyment of others. Your loved ones will be in amazement, and you'll have a great sense of accomplishment for being so open and genuine with them and the world.

VIRGO – Leo is your 12th House. Focus on manifesting what makes your soul happy.

You've worked very hard and very carefully, and this is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of your efforts and revel in your success. Focus on the good things happening in your life and take in the cosmic energy. Think about the positive aspects of your life and the areas you'd like to improve upon.

LIBRA – Leo is your 11th House. Focus on manifesting love and friendships.

You may find that you're more chatty and happy-go-lucky than usual during Lion's Gate season. You'll feel compelled to let your artistic side shine and your heart out to the world. You'll feel inspired to go headfirst into a meaningful conversation, take a chance on a love relationship, or launch a new creative endeavor. If you've been putting off making a decision that will make you happy, now is the moment to do it.

SCORPIO – Leo is your 10th House. Focus right now on manifesting wealth, career and business.

The intensity of the atmosphere might inspire you to be completely honest with the people you care about. You'll have the fortitude to face any challenges life throws at you. The Lion's Gate Portal is a great moment for intuitive people to take stock of their inner lives, celebrate their progress thus far, and contemplate the changes they'd want to see in the future. What does your future career and business goals look like? Lion's Gate is opening the door to those possibilities for you right now!

SAGITTARIUS – Leo is your 9th House. Focus on manifesting miracles, blessings, and anything that you've been dreaming to bring into your life. This is the time to boldly ask for what you might thought was impossible.

This might be a period when you feel especially daring. Now is a great moment to unleash your boundless passion and enthusiasm for life. Take part in the pursuits you've long desired but been unable to fit into your hectic schedule. Don't squander your energy now that the portal has been opened for you!

CAPRICORN – Leo is your 8th House. Manifest your passions... especially when it comes to sex and romance.

As a goal-oriented worker, you probably won't mind putting in extra hours now to achieve your objectives. Potentially novel insights into previously intractable issues may flood your consciousness. You should also take stock of your progress toward your objectives and choose what comes next. If you've been focused on romantically or sexually conquering your target, now is the time to manifest your dreams into reality.

AQUARIUS – Leo is your 7th House. Manifest partnerships. Love, business, friendships... the community you are seeking is also seeking you!

Even if you're not usually one for contemplation of the spiritual or emotional, Aquarius, you'll feel a change in the air. Think deeply about who you are and where the world now stands. Think about how you can effect more good change, then get to work. Others will be motivated to contribute because of your want to see change happen, this is the time to bring them on board!

PISCES – Leo is your 6th House. Focus on how you manifest and what you need to change in your daily routine so that you're able to manifest your dreams more effectively for yourself.

If you're a Pisces, this is a fantastic moment to explore your spirituality. You may use crystals to absorb the sun's rays. Think about what you want to bring into your life and meditate on it. Dreaming about your future at the Lion's Gate Portal can help make it a reality.

Written By:

Audra English

High Priestess of Life Spirits Society of Magick

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Kathy Jackson
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