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Love spellwork done by Life Spirits. Love Spells are our number one seller. We get almost all of our clients though word of mouth. We do not advertise, because we don't have to! We have such a good success rate that people come to us excited to get a chance to get their love situation taken care of by us. Robin is in charge of almost all love spells (unless it's from the voodoo or 7 day candles pages) and is very involved in all love spell cases she receives. Robin has a article written that explains how to use the law of attraction with your spellwork to ensure manifestation. If you are interested in love spells, please make sure you also read that page which you can find HERE, since it will really help prepare you for your role in your success.

Some of the wealth spells done by Life Spirits. Wealth spells are one of our most popular request behind love spells. We have performed thousands of wealth spells with a very high success rate with those who follow instructions given on the FAQ page and from Robin and Audra.

Audra, our dark magick high priestess. She is an eclectic hedge witch that specializes in black magick, voodoo, hoodoo, chaos magick, and spirit magick.  Audra is very comfortable working with black magick and is able to ensure that you are fully protected if you choose to have her use very serious magick on your behalf. She has been a witch for over 20 years and has studied under some of the top witches in the country. If you feel you must have black magick performed on your behalf, she is your best bet!

100% Customized Love Spell

100% Customized Love Spell


Robin, the white witch. She uses white magick and is a master at doing love spells. She prefers her clients to use the law of attraction along side her magick since positivity, patience, and hope produces much better and substantial results. She welcomes phone calls and texts by appointment since she is very dedicated to her clients and has developed close friendships with most of them. If you need a little extra TLC and are new to magick, Robin is the right witch for you!

Audra, our dark magick high priestess. She is an eclectic hedge witch that specializes in black magick, voodoo, hoodoo, chaos magick, and spirit magick. She works along side James who is a bokor. Together, they have made the impossible, possible. So if you're looking for serious magick, she is your witch!




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